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Premium Coatings Environmental

New branding and web design

PC-Environmental provide business sanitising services to help protect against the Corona virus.

Premium Coatings Environmental needed a website set up quickly to start promoting their business and generating enquiries for their new start up business venture.

They needed a website quickly to help protect businesses by stopping the spread of harmful COVID-19 germs and bacteria.


They provide their antimicrobial spraying services to any type of business based in Birmingham, Worcestershire and across the UK.

As a start up, we helped PC-Environmental get the right branding for their new business, write all of their website copy and sourced professional, high quality stock images for their website. We also spent time creating an solid SEO strategy and ensured this was applied across their site.

Visit the PC-Environmental website.

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Man in a hazmat putting his thumb up.jpg

What's the next step?

Your own stunning website – showcasing your business in the best possible way – could be up and running in just 6-8 weeks
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