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Having a brand new website. Seven reasons why you should.

According to Microsoft, humans today have an attention span of a mere 8 seconds. This means that your opportunity to interest and engage your audience will be over before you can get them to read to the end of your page. Good website design is critical to show prospects your value as soon as they land on your website.

Stanford University also found that nearly half of consumers, 46.1%, list a website’s design as their top criteria when deciding if they regard a company as credible. Not only must your website interest and engage readers, but it will also have a lasting impact on your overall brand reputation.

We understand the importance of getting your website right. From the branding and colours, the layout and design, to every single SEO researched bit of copy. But first, make sure you really need a new website. These seven reasons, will help you evaluate your current website, maybe just a refresh is all it needs?

  1. Your website is out-of-date Businesses change and evolve and so should your website. The services you offered and the products you sold 5 years ago, perhaps when you last got your website designed, are probably very different to what you sell today. There might be images and information that are now inaccurate. There might be old team members on there. If, you haven’t been updating your website regularly, it can quite quickly become irrelevant to what you offer and do for your clients today. Citrus Web offer very reasonable and flexible monthly marketing packages that include keeping your web information up-to-date. So, now you have your brand new website, essentially is stays new and fresh, brimming with news and tips that makes your clients want to visit it regularly.

  2. Website’s aren’t static, they need to grow with your business Your business is thriving, you’re going from strength to strength, most of your enquiries are referrals from happy customers, so you’ve never really had to rely on your website before. But suddenly, you’ve had no new enquiries for a month or maybe two or even three? Things have started to go a bit quiet. You start wondering whether you should have been doing more marketing, even though you were busy enough 6 months ago. We offer ongoing 3 different levels of Web Performance Package. We make sure that you’re always on your clients radar, so you have the time to focus on delivering your business.

  3. You’ve got loads of great stories to share You’ve been so busy doing your day job, you just haven’t had time or the knowledge on how to add that information to your website. You've just started sharing all your news on social media, it's so quick and easy and it's free! That’s great for those people who are in your network and are probably already friends and customers. But what about new customers who have never heard of your company before, how will they know all the great work that you do with your clients? At Citrus Web, we include interviewing your clients, researching and writing any new case studies that you’d like to add to your new website. To us we believe this is an important, integral part of building a successful website. Case studies can be extremely powerful and persuasive, when written well. When a new prospect is researching who to do business with, case studies are brilliant at showing why you are the best choice. Here is an example, of some of the case studies we have written for our clients.

  4. Your current website isn’t working The number one goal, for most business owners in having a website is to generate enquiries. You may need to share information about your products and services, but ultimately you want your inbox to have a steady stream of relevant enquiries and for the phone to be ringing enough to keep your business expanding. Citrus Web take time to map out who your ideal client is. We look at what information they need and what makes them tick. We think about the things they might think about that might trigger a sale from your company. This is all included as part of your Web Marketing Strategy and this is included in every web project we undertake.

  5. Your website is difficult to find So, you type in your web address or company name and your website appears, great. But when it comes to a new customer looking for the products or services you sell, they type in what they’re looking for and all your competitors appear, but you’re languishing on page two, never to be found or clicked on. If this sounds familiar, it is highly likely that your website is lacking in Search Engine Optimised content. Every Citrus Web webpage is written using SEO best practise. Blogs and any additional content, fills any content opportunities highlighted by your Digital Marketing Strategy. Take a look at all the other web design features we include as part of every website we design.

  6. Your website is hard to navigate Sometimes, businesses make the mistake of putting all of their information on their website. They use it almost like an online library for every single piece of information they know. Every piece of content that you add to your website needs to have a direct purpose. It needs to fulfill a reason or answer a question asked by your clients. Other times, your website may be quite old. It may have seen mini redesigns and refreshes. It may just have had extra areas added over the years and has become, too big, too unmanageable and simply not very easy to use. We pride ourselves on designing very clear, easy to use websites. We map out and structure are websites in a simple, logical way. We chose only pertinent, relevant information. We make sure that words are kept to a minimum and that there are clear calls to action, so no one get’s lost and your clients always find the information they need to make the right choices.

  7. Your website doesn’t work on mobile If you think about how you usually look at websites, I imagine if you’re away from your desk at work, then 99% of the rest of the time you’re looking at them on a mobile or tablet? All Citrus Web websites are responsive. Essentially, we create two mirror-websites, one is the full desktop version and the second is a cut down mobile/tablet version. This ensures your clients have the optimum experience, regardless of what device they’re using. We also take into consideration Google prioritising Mobile-friendly design in their algorithm. This means that we take your mobile usability very seriously and ensure that you rank on mobile, not just on Google Desktop.

What next? If you would like any further information on any of these points, we’d love to speak to you.

  • Citrus Web love helping businesses achieve their best online marketing.

  • We take pride in every website we produce, from the design to the copy.

  • Your website goals, become our website goals.

Please do get in touch, coffee and cake is on me! I’d love to hear your plans and come up with a website strategy to take your business to the next level for 2020 and beyond.


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