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How to create content to delight and engage your prospects

Do you sometimes struggle to think of an original, compelling topic that your potential customers will find really interesting?

When it comes to creating copy and visuals that delight and engage, a strong starting point is to identify the problems that your customers have - and then give them some content to help them solve those problems.

It’s all part of the process, to show them that you are the ideal ‘go-to’ for a solution.

How to do this

To help you do this, try to carve out some time to identify the people that you bring the very best benefit to.

Ask yourself - who are they, where are they, what organisations do they work for, and what job titles do they have?

Some people call these ‘Customer Profiles’ or ‘Buyer Personas’ and you can go quite deep here, in detailing the, ‘who, what, why, when and where’ of these people, to hone down your very best potential customers.

Now show them how you can help

The next stage is to show them (based on your products and services) how you can make their lives easier and better.

You need therefore to fully understand their frustrations and problems.

A simple way to get started, is to ask them about their challenges.

Could you book a call or a discovery session with a potential client? Could you connect again, with some of the people you’ve worked with, in the past?

Once you understand the headaches your best customers have, the easier it is to create content that says to them, ‘If you are frustrated by such and such - here’s the good news. We have a perfect solution.’

With that, you will be well on the way to a first conversation and a win-win client relationship.

It’s a long game

Do not however, just add some fresh content to your website and then think that your work is done.

You need to consistently demonstrate the benefits that you bring and then get this information in front of the right people.

Time can be a big challenge here, and this is just one of the many reasons why outsourcing your marketing is a great idea.

This could be where Citrus comes in

By generating bright ideas and using clear messages, we solve a common challenge that many SME businesses have - which is creating eye-catching and engaging content, and then getting this content on the right platforms to start conversations.

Our web design, SEO and social media services do just this, and we often become an outsourced marketing partner for busy SMEs.

And for our clients, that’s one big headache taken away, and lots of doors opened.

Sound interesting? Great. We should have a chat

To get started, simply call the friendly Citrus team on 07704 105954 or email


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