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Branding & website

Video the perfect medium to connect with people and communicate complex ideas or emotive concepts.

The branding exercise revealed that integrity, honesty and attention to detail are all important values for Matt.  We also explored some of the design's he preferred and more muted colour scheme. The final design is very minimalist, leaving his video work do all the talking.

Understated and modest in his approach, Matt asked copy to be kept to a minimum. This left the video's themselves do all the 'talking'.

As part of the website redesign, CFT helped PressPlayVideo think about the range of services they provide and what their specialities are. We can see these listed above; Testimonials, Commercial and Documentaries.

What's the next step?

Your own stunning website – showcasing your business in the best possible way – could be up and running in just 4-6 weeks
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