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Boosting the Online Presence of Worcester's Growing Jelly Bean Accountancy Firm

Jelly Bean Accountancy  were looking for expert guidance and support to launch their new website. 

So far Jelly Bean Accountancy has organically growing their business through referrals, but they decided that the time was right for them to get online and reach a wider audience. 

During their 'Discovery Meeting' we discussed their ideal client and range of services they currently offer and all the information required on the website. 

Their aim is to take away the stress of accountancy and tax compliance from busy business owners, giving you back your time to focus on what you're best at - running your business. 

Vicky's customer service is extremely flexible, working with the client in their way, using the clients preferred software, rather than forcing them to use unfamiliar software their not used to. 

We helped Vicky with:​

  1. Designing a brand new logo and eye catching branding

  2. Giving LinkedIn advice and creating coordinating banners

  3. Guiding her through the web development process

  4. Helping with her social media launch

  5. Showcasing their expertise and full range of services

  6. Getting found online - Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Why not take a look at their new website and see if you think we met the brief,

If you or someone you know is looking for help with their website, please get in touch I'd love to help. Call 07704105954 to discuss your project with Helen. 

Screenshot 2024-05-16 153327.png

Why our customers say they love working with us

Thank you Helen, for a fabulous website and for all your help in setting it up. I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone for website development. Your process was thoughtful, smooth and very user-friendly. Thank you again.


Cath McCubbin

Managing Director, Design Central UK

What's the next step?

Your own stunning website – showcasing your business in the best possible way – could be up and running in just 6-8 weeks
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