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The Worcester Family Mediation Practice

Branding and Web Design

Qualified, experienced, caring family mediators empowering families to make choices. 

The Worcester Family Mediation Practice's website needed a significant upgrade, and we took charge to make it as user-friendly and inviting as possible.

The old layout was confusing, making it a challenge to locate crucial information. We revamped it for intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless flow from one page to the next. The previous wording, although accurate, was overly detailed for screen reading, so we injected a punchy and exciting tone to captivate your audience.

Moreover, we recognised the need for a softer touch in branding to reflect the caring and empathetic nature of their team of mediation experts. The outdated color blocks were replaced with a more modern, pastel palette, aligning with the innovative spirit of your company.

Citrus Web was thrilled to bring these positive changes to their online presence, creating a website that truly mirrors the warmth and expertise of The Worcester Family Mediation Practice.


Branding Refresh

The new logo and branding, crafted by our talented Graphic Designer, Sami, were designed to evoke the emotions synonymous with the experience of working with TWFMP. By delving into the company's values and beliefs, we ensured that the branding reflects the informed, professional, and supportive approach that defines your family mediation services.

Understanding the mediation process is key, so we took the initiative to break it down into laymen's terms. We created a straightforward Mediation Process Diagram and a Mediation FAQs page, empowering clients with the information they need before embarking on the mediation journey.

Additionally, recognising the importance of support during challenging times, Paul Kemp, Principal Mediator, and Director, initiated the creation of a Family Resources Hub. This valuable resource is accessible to anyone navigating through separation, offering a wealth of professional advice and support.

Take a moment to explore TWFMP's new website, and we hope you'll sense the calm, positivity, and the abundance of professional guidance and support embedded in the branding. It's a testament to our shared commitment to making the mediation process as accessible and supportive as possible for families.

See The Worcester Family Mediation Practice Website

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Why our customers love working with us

We’ve had a great experience with Citrus Web. Helen really takes the time to properly get to know and understand a company, this is reflected in the work she produces, whether that be the reports and strategy, preliminary designs or any suggestions she may have to improve initial ideas.  


I would 100% recommend Citrus Web to anyone looking for a Web Designer.    

Romy Hodges

Office Administrator and Marketing Assistant

The Worcester Family Mediation Practise

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