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Embrace Equity by celebrating successful female entrepreneurs

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

On International Women’s Day 2023 the theme is to #Embraceequity. In simple terms, it means that some require more help and support in order to have the same chance as everyone else.

Some women I have the pleasure of working with, have 20+ years of experience behind them. They are experts in their field with long established networks themselves. Whilst still not easy, they are more familiar with the ups and downs of being self employed and have adapted to cope with the many political and economic challenges small businesses have had to face over recent years.

Other entrepreneurial women I work with are relatively new to being self-employed and need that little bit more help, encouragement and air-time to promote their amazing talents and make their businesses work.

In an attempt to level the playing field, here are a few of the amazing women I love working with and their area of expertise. Some may have been self-employed or worked longer in their field than others, but each one is equally inspiring in their own way.

Branding - Sami Harrison, SHDesign Malvern.

Sami Harrison - SH Design Malvern
Sami Harrison - SH Design Malvern

I instantly fell in love with Sami’s clean and simple logo style. You can tell Sami spends a lot of her time in nature, her designs bring with them a calmness and serenity that is totally awesome.

She takes great pride in every singe piece of work produced and is a perfectionist in every way, while at the same time remaining chilled and level headed.

Sami is also a joy to work with. She has a tried and tested process which always results in the very best designs. Every branding project she’s involved with leaves the client totally satisfied and thrilled with the results. This adds a huge amount of value to every web design project. Not only do our clients leave with a great website, they also take with them full branding guidelines and a folder with their brand new high resolution logos saved in every format. But Sami doesn’t just design logos. Her clients also have a choice of marketing literature and business cards to promote their business in the best possible way. You can see her unique design style in her portfolio.

It’s Sami’s design skills with have to thank for this years #Embraceequity graphics, don’t they look amazing?

Words to help inspire other women business owners
Words to help inspire other women business owners

Marketing - Laura Biggs, Bossy Dog Marketing.

Laura Biggs - Bossy Dog Marketing
Laura Biggs - Bossy Dog Marketing

I’ve been working with Laura for the past 12 years, we first met at NTCADCAM, where I was Laura’s social media coach. Each month we’d spend a day together planning and creating all of the social media content for that month around the specific events and product campaigns. It seems a very long time ago now, and how things have changed!

During maternity leave, Laura decided to set up her own business, BossyDogMarketing. She is an amazing all-round marketer and has a real flair for running email marketing and social media campaigns. Once the website design process comes to an end and has been launched successfully, Laura then seamlessly manages all of the marketing. Laura provides full marketing support for a number of our clients. From writing their blogs to sending email campaigns and creating endless engaging social media content across a multitude of channels.

It is Laura’s marketing expertise that ensures the ongoing success of many of our websites.

Copywriting - Kyla Skinner - Director of Jarrah Copywriting and Copy Cafe.

Kyla Skinner - Copy Cafe
Kyla Skinner - Copy Cafe

I met Kyla 5 years ago when I joined her Copy Cafe business writing membership group. Being part of this supportive community helps me improve my copywriting skills and have access to an expert sounding board when it comes to honing subject lines and calls to action.

When it comes to writing copy for websites, Citrus Web always include this in our pricing, so there are no surprise or hidden costs.

Strategic Marketing. Bridget Mason - Keskidee Marketing.

Bridget Mason - Keskidee Marketing
Bridget Mason - Keskidee Marketing

I first met Bridget in 2011 when she attended a Marketing Club Workshop that I used to run with Ben Kinnaird.

At the time she was the Marketing Manager for NTCADCAM, and basically ensured her team and a bevvy of highly skilled freelancers kept the sales team busy following up a string of well qualified MQLs!

Having been a business owner before, she understands first hand the needs of SME business owners. She loves making a difference and finds it rewarding when a new process that we’ve worked hard to implement starts showing real results, or a campaign comes together on time and starts generating leads or webinar sign ups. In her own words, she says, “Results make me happy and more so when we can really understand where they came from.”

Web Design. Helen Davies - Citrus Web

Helen Davies, Director, Citrus Web,
Helen Davies - Citrus Web

I find putting my own skills into words the hardest part! That said, I think my strengths lie in listening to our client, understanding their business aims, filtering and condensing the information their prospects need and making that look and sound appealing to the client. I draw on skills learned over the years about, information hierarchies, web structures, work flows and blend this with my interest in what persuades and influence people to make choices. I love using language to evoke emotions and entice that next elusive button click!

But I wouldn’t be able to make the successful websites that I do without the support of my other inspiring female friends.

Collaboration is key to successful web design

Citrus Web was built by collaborative team work. We are made of a core group of design and marketing communication specialists each playing to their own strengths. We also bring our own networks of specialists such as animators, aerial photographers, regular photographers, printers, SEO specialists and videographers. This gives our clients access to a wealth of expertise that can be accessed when required, but only charged for when they’re needed.

Citrus Web only work with trusted specialists. Considerable time and effort has been invested in researching the best people who are at the top of their game and share the same values and beliefs around customer services and project delivery.

Would you like to work with us?

If you feel inspired to have a website or brand refresh, need help promoting a new product or service or are exhibiting at an event and need a helping hand I making it a real success, please get in touch we’d love to help.

Call 07704105954


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