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Leave the marketing to us so you can have peace of mind your marketing is being done professionally, regularly and consistently. Allowing you to focus on growing your business.


How it works

FLEXIBLE - You can choose how often you need my services. People usually need my help a lot at the start and less as time goes on.  At the same time, your staff learn how to implement daily marketing activities.

TEAM PLAYER - As an integral member of your team, I will take time to understand how the business works, your strengths, weaknesses and identify where the opportunities for growth are.


CONSISTENT - I'll find where the gaps are in your marketing and ensure you have a strong effective strategy that can be easily maintained with the help of your team.

SUPPORT - Each month you'll have peace of mind that your staff are being advised and coached to know what to do and what to say. Eventually, your staff will have the knowledge and confidence to do this themselves. 

RESULTS - Many small business owners don't have the time, resources or skills to market their business. By hiring a part-time Marketing Manager, you'll have an in-house expert to advise, guide and implement a marketing strategy that's perfect for your small business. The results? Regular, quality inquiries to help sustain and grow your business.

Strategy & Planning

Communication & PR 

Marketing brochures and leaflets


Content Marketing & Social Media 

Web Design and Creation

Search engine optimisation and analytics

Event planning and promotion 

Newsletters and blogs

Email campaigns

Marketing mentor and coach

Ongoing Marketing support

Help manning and managing events

Marketing training and coaching


What happens next?

Whether you're looking to launch a new product or service or get some regular expert support with your marketing, get in touch, we'd love to help.

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