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How an outward mindset can help you and your business to grow

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

In business we learn and grow all the time.

It’s a journey of discovery.

This journey can however, be a tough one. There will be mountain top highs, but almost definitely, there will be valley floor lows.

Recently, I have discovered a mindset shift that I feel compelled to share.

I first heard about the Outward Mindset whilst completing a recent web design project.

It was for The Worcester Family Mediation Practice (TWFMP). They are a close team of mediation experts who empower you to make personal choices during difficult times.

Founder and Principal Mediator, Paul Kemp explained that it is central to the ethos of their practice.

When I first met Paul, I mentioned the importance of getting to know their business and the language they use; so that I can then go out and promote their services. Part of my job as a web designer, is to set the right tone for a business and ensure we use the client’s voice.

When working to understand the beliefs and values of an organisation, I like to ask everyone involved what working for their company means to them, and how they view their contribution.

The results from this ‘brand language exercise’ with his team of mediators were remarkable. Never before have I seen such closely matched results.

The 10 words they consistently fed back to me were…

  • Approachable

  • Empathetic

  • Experienced

  • Professional

  • Supportive

  • Welcoming

  • Calm

  • Collaborative

  • Innovative

  • Dynamic.

Wow. I’m sure you will agree, that these words show the positive and proactive approach of the team.

Also, when I asked about the company ethos, straight away Paul told me about The Outward Mindset by the Arbinger Institute. Intrigued I bought a copy of this brief but highly practical guide to the Outward Mindset.

Let me see if I can summarise the approach

The Outward Mindset explains how, on a personal or at an organisational level, people can turn situations around, by simply changing their mindset from an inward one, to an outward one.

Take a look at the video below. Notice how the man's luck start to change after he changes his mindset...

Not only did this give me an insight into how TWFMP works. It also gave me a whole new toolkit and dialogue, for how I could resolve some of my own challenges.

Here’s just a couple of examples of how I’ve implemented my new outward mindset, so far.

I hope that by sharing these, they could help you too.

Challenge - What is the best way to promote my business?

Inward mindset thinking may be -

The best way to promote my business is to tell everyone how great we are and what the benefits of working with us are.

Outward mindset thinking may be -

The best way to promote my business is by making my clients successful.

But how?

OK. How about a Client Spotlight where each month I promote a client’s business on my website and through my social media?

I could also share best practice. I have created many factsheets and resources over the years and I’ve made these to help my clients promote their organisations. In addition, following the TWFMP lead, I have now launched my own Small Business Marketing Hub. It’s packed with handy tips, exercises and templates to help SMEs build their websites and grow. This is available to everyone, not just my clients.

Outward mindset. Positive growth

Next, I started to notice something. My most successful clients are typically the ones who have already adopted an outward mindset.

How can I learn more?

I wonder, could changing your mindset from inward to outward, help you find the answers you are looking for?

It may be a marketing challenge or it may not be; but why not share your thoughts by messaging below, or by emailing me via

I’d love to hear more, and I’d love to see if I can help.


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